Palsgaard’s world-class bakery emulsifiers can help you to achieve unrivalled batter-stability, improved cake volume and texture, prolonged shelf-life and cost reductions in cake premixes and long shelf-life cakes.

Consumers are constantly demanding new cake types – and new twists on existing offerings – no matter if they buy their cakes from a supermarket, a bakery outlet, their local craft baker, or make it themselves from a mix. They also want the cake or cake mix to be reasonably priced and with a shorter ingredient list, not to mention as healthy as possible. All of this means that today’s cake premix manufacturers and industrial cake producers are in for a tough challenge.

Palsgaard, however, offers the perfect solution: Unique, activated cake emulsifiers and the know-how to implement them in cake recipes of any kind – and anywhere in the world.

As a global emulsifier manufacturer, we have unique insights into local requirements and trends. Our global involvement is a constant source of fresh inspiration, which enables us to help customers introduce new cake types inspired by consumer favourites from other parts of the world.

To do this successfully, recipes need to be adapted to local tastes, requirements, and production conditions. Our experienced food technologists know exactly how to solve challenges such as shelf-life requirements, batter temperature, humidity and altitude issues, production equipment limitations or ingredient availability – and they are eager to share their knowledge in our global application centres.

In several markets, emulsifiers are often added to the premix or cake batter via high-ratio shortenings, adding fats and emulsifiers in one go. By replacing shortenings with our powdered emulsifiers, you can achieve a number of benefits, such as:

Cost-reductions without affecting cake quality
Facilitated production – no melting of shortening is required, as all ingredients can be added in one go
Improved product quality – better distribution of emulsifier in the premix and in the final cake, leading to more uniform volume and crumb structure
Increased production capacity
Healthier cakes – the health profile of the cake can be improved by making a switch to unsaturated liquid oils

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