A piece of history

The Food Science Professional Group (GPA) as defined at present, resulted from the merger in January 2016, of the precedent GPA team with the Biochemistry & Biotechnology Group (GPBB)

Both GPA and GPBB had a long history built up from the participation of a great number of professionals that contributed with their knowledge, their enthusiasm and personal engagement to set up what we are today.

GPA was founded in 1970 boosted by a group of people, who altruistically decided to do something additional to their own professional activity, as well as sharing friendship and discussing high philosophy concepts. Such founders succeeded to organise the First Meeting on Food Studies (JEA) held in May 1971. From this date on, a number of JEA Meeting were held every two years approximately up to 1981.

Period from 1981 to 2000 was stagnating and only 1991 JEA Meeting was organised.

In 2000, new members joined GPA and reactivated the group by organising meetings and seminars regularly every year up to now.

GPBB was created in 1984, even though with long tradition as well, the group was much younger than GPA. With similar background, a group of people decided to gather to do something innovative in Spain, even in Europe, by organising every two years, the Meeting of Industrial Application of Enzymes (JAE), as well as in alternate years, the Technical Meetings on Fermentative Processes (JTPF)

JTPF were held every 2 years with no interruption from 1986 to 1996, unfortunately some circumstances forced us to finish the project, but that is another story…

JAIE conferences were held regularly from 1985 to 2005. At 2007 edition, the Organizing Committee decided to redefine the event bringing it to BIET present concept as Bakery Ingredients, Enzymes, and Technology.

From first edition in 2007 up to now, BIET Meeting overcame financial crises and time challenges, becoming a benchmark event for the Bakery sector and related industries, not only in Spain, but by increasing presence and participation of professionals and researchers from other countries.

It is clear that BIET’21 constituted an unprecedented challenge due to the Pandemic that brought us to held the event virtually.

BIET’23 edition is back to face-to-face meeting to boost professional and personal relationship along with innovation goals. With your participation and cooperation, we look forward to achieving and sharing, once again, a great high-level reference event in the sector.

BIET 2023 program coming soon!

BIET’23 program will be available in brief


ON 7 AND 8 JUNE 2023

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